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Thread: Need a bit of GPS Help

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    Need a bit of GPS Help

    It is looking like I have to run my GPS cable to OSD underneath my main power cable from batteries to current sensor can anyone for see any immediate problem, the gps cables are very thin and look like they may be prone to interference, does anyone have any experience with power system causing interference with GPS?

    Thanks in advance.


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    While ago I was flying my EG with Remzibi OSD+GPS installed inside foam cabin and right under the cabin was Emax 25A ESC powering Emax BL2220/08 - no problems with GPS encountered.

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    Unless your plane is a nightmare for wiring - just fly it anfd test - try to see if it loses sats. Testing is the best way to know though.
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    OK something weird is going on, I powered up my system and the video is stable with no interference, however, with my power system then powered up (motor and esc, my OSD flashes every second or so) If I then unplug my flight battery the OSD stops flashing - anyone had any experience of similar systems and possible causes?

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    I know what is causing the flashing, it is the RSSI link, when I unplug this the OSD stops flashing. Not sure why it is flashing when plugged in though.

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    Ground loop maybe?

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    I have actually worked out the problem is, I am a complete egit.

    What i thought was the 'RSSI' port on the OSD is actually not at all and is the port to switch the osd on and off on screen. So when plugged into the rssi port on the Rx it was obviously giving it a weird signal.

    Hey ho, live and learn.

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