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Thread: Gopro 2 Video Latency Measured

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    Gopro 2 Video Latency Measured

    everyone's always said its bad (myself included), no one has ever measured. 50ms that aint good...

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    It's been done before - maybe not with h2 but def w/ h1. Latency is just ONE of the issues with piloting from this. Yes people do it - that doesn't make it a good idea.
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    ya ive seen videos but nobody posting numbers or counting frames.

    the younger and more serious you take your gaming; the worse they are too. ive used mine some for LOS fpv'ing with tame planes. some trainers, chasing the boat etc. nothing that has any aerobatic potential or flying very far.

    we all also know they can be noise city on your rc/video systems.
    they can really blow exposure, tho h2 and 3 seem better than h1 (h2 can get that annoying dark/bright exposure flicker because it IS re-metering the scene too fast!)

    i wont speak for anyone else on these issues ive had. we've used the hell out of our two since last christmas.
    both batteries are shot, meaning topped off anything around 30-45 minutes must have a 5v-usb charger setup.
    if you breath on it my sd card looses contact. i dont hold it against the gopro. it's been slammed into asphalt parking lots in WOT launch mis-haps & drug a hundred yards behind a boat on a skirope. but its something to note!
    oh, and mine overheats at the drop of a hat. in case, out of case, in sun out of sun on a plane in prop wash, underwater... not sure what's up with that. may be because we use to use the LCD back a lot.

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    I haven't seen empirical numbers before... Interesting post.

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