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Thread: All in 1 1.2ghz in stock on the website. Refunded and cannot backorder?!

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    All in 1 1.2ghz in stock on the website. Refunded and cannot backorder?!

    I ordered an All in 1 1.2ghz unit to test and was planning to order a few more after testing it. They said they were out of stock even though the website said in stock. I replied that I would like to backorder. Instead they refunded my money, even though I'd be happy to wait...

    Majorly bummed. I have an AAT that I haven't gotten to work because the trace wiring is a bit daunting. I have a Tiny OSD installed and working perfectly on my FPV rig, but cannot get the AAT converter to work at all even though video transmission is perfect and audio is wired correctly.

    Looks like I'll have to try to wire up my Trace OSD on the bench first.

    Shame I was looking forward to an easy solution that I could buy for different FPV platforms. The website still lists the item in stock and FPV will not respond to my emails in regards to backordering the items.

    Skylark FPV why not let me backorder this item? When do you expect them back in stock?

    I have sent 2 emails and gotten no response :/ I've had my AAT months and haven't had a chance to use it.

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    We replied your email, please check it, thanks.

    The current problem is we cannot purchase the 1.2G VTX module from our supplier, they stopped producing the module.
    We are looking for an alternative to it. we'll inform you when it is available.

    In fact, the connection of Trace OSD is simplicity, not complexity.
    Can you send some detail about your Video TX and wiring, we can help you connect FPV equipment and analyze the tracking problem expediently.
    Skylark FPV Service Center

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    have you looked after audio with headphones
    is your frequency of your audio Carier, s equal
    Vtx ? 5,5 mhz
    Vrx? 5,5 mhz



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