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Thread: TBS Discovery NAZA-M: Can't arm the motors.

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    Thanks for posting your findings as to why it would not arm

    Not too many people ready to confess to getting something not quite right in the setup, most blame the equipment
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    so true
    flyin HIGH

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    Thanx again. Yes, believe it or not I did read the inductions for the TBS D Pro before I started the build. Was kind of like drinking from a fire hose for me though. As of an hour ago, the video switch is working. Now I need to go into the NAZA shift ware and turn off voltage protection line you and several others have suggested. Man this stuff ifs fun when it's working right LOL.

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    Yes, it's awesome when you figure out what your doing wrong too. Since I'm taking from the forum, wanted to give back incase someone else makes this mistake and can learn too.

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