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Thread: My Eagletree GPS is confused, or I am. Can someone help me?

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    Right now my landings are 50/50. Meaning some are FPV (with a spotter calling my altitude), and others I am looking at it mostly and my monitor a little.

    I didn't know GPS alt could be off 50 feet or so. Looks like I will be buying the ET Altimeter V4 then because I would like to know within a foot or so.

    I love this hobby because there is always something new to learn. Thanks for the feedbacks guys. Looks like I'm going shopping.

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    Smile I think I'm feeling better today.

    I was able to get out today for one flight. I also have my new mini DVR connected so I was able to get some video, but it's small memory was filled up quickly. I found that out because the damn thing started vibrating like crazy and when I glanced it was flashing MEMORY FULL. At this point I was flying without the NAZA GPS and I forgot that I was. So I let go off the sticks (thinking the hex would just hold position) to turn the blasted thing off and when I looked back at my monitor I was out amost 1000 feet away. No panic though, I just turned it towards me and flew back. Then I turned the GPS mode back on, whew!!!! That was fun..

    Sorry, sometimes I ramble on. Anyway, I was pleased to see that once moving around the ET GPS seemed to work alot better. The altitude and distance from me seemed correct, or correct enough. But once I get close to the ground and hovering then the altitude goes to crap. So I think I am much happier now then my first OSD attempt. But I am going to buy the altimeter V4 also so I know when I'm close to the ground.

    Here's a short little video from the beggining. Sorry there is not much to look at but farm fields.

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    Does anyone know how can I disable GPS altitude readings, since I have a barometer installed? When GPS isnīt providing data the altitude is provided by barometer and everything is fine. But once GPS start providing data like speed, distance coordinates and by consequence altitude, I start getting crazy values for altitude.
    Iīm using Betalflight 3.5.2, MWOSD 1.8, GPS connected to a serial port and bar/mag connected to I2C port.

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