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Thread: Design suggestions, requests and feedback.

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    Benchmark... I'm sorry I never responded to your PM.. I've been quite swamped lately.

    I paid a bit extra for the option of a card and gift wrapping with a message from my "uncle" so as to avoid any import taxes.
    I'm sorry your attempt to circumvent your local import taxes didn't work out as planned. As Zee says, the printing/packaging and distribution of all my products is handled exclusively by
    If you'd like to get in touch with them directly regarding this matter, kindly write to and reference your order number. They have an excellent reputation for doing what is necessary to ensure that customers happy.

    [SIZE=3][URL=""]FPV Inspired T-Shirts![/URL][/SIZE]

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    Thats ok ChickenSashimi, i thought it was your company hence why i even placed the order in the first place.

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    I know.. I know.. everyone says they used to be an graphic artist

    Here's some of my idea's I was gonna do on my Z2 they might not interpret well into one color vinyl but...

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