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Thread: Custom Diopter Inserts How-To

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    Jurgen did mine!! Fantastic job! I have reccomended him to a few friends now and they all had a greate experience as well!

    Hello all,

    my name is Jürgen and I´m a german optican master degree.
    since 1 year i do produce individual diopter lenses for any given FatShark video goggle.
    Sofar I have customers in germany, suizze, italy, US and no complains with my service.

    Allmost all powers are possible:
    nearsighted, farsighted, astigmatism, phoria.

    You can have your individual set of correction lenses incl. shipping to the US starting from 47,- US$
    power range for this offer: sph. max -6,00dpt too +5,00dpt cyl. max. +3,00
    Powers up too +/-13,00dpt and cyl. up to +6,00dpt are possible, please ask for an individual offer.
    Money back guarantee if you are not happy with the lenses.

    we do have a 5-star rating from our customers for perfect vision accuacy, mechanical fit , fast shipping and quick friendly service.

    Please see our webside for more information and images of our work.

    or write us a email too:

    For an individual offer we need:
    Your prescription for far distance vision (sph, cyl, axis) and your distance between eyes (PD)

    Not a single pilot spends hundreds or tousands of dollars to see the world from above but is just too stingy to use propper glases to see 100% clear!
    Don´t be the stingy one...
    Be the one who´s doing this all because you want to SEE.

    Warm regadrs from germany

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    Quote Originally Posted by slowgto View Post
    Jurgen did mine!! Fantastic job! I have reccomended him to a few friends now and they all had a greate experience as well!
    Thank you for this positive feedback.

    If you want FPV-with-FPV -> FirstPersonVision-with-FullPowerVision
    don´t hesitate just contact me:
    allways there waiting for you.

    warm regards from germany.
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    Jürgen: What info do you need from us to make the diopters ?

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    Hi daggad,
    needed ist your eyeglasses prescription for far distance. -> the lenspowers of the glasses you wear to have clear vision on far distance (5m+)
    sph, cyl, Axis, PD for right and left eye.
    Thats all.

    For shortsighted (myopic) and/or astigmatic pilots my lenses are highly recommendable even if the power is only -0,50dpt
    For farsighted (hyperopic) my lenses only make sense if the power is/or exeeds +0,75dpt

    If you only need glasses for reading (presbyopia) correction lenses will not make sense at all.

    send me your lenspowers via email to:
    You´ll receive an offer from me within 24h.

    Warm regards
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    (CustomFPX - Prescription Lenses for Fatshark Goggles)
    I just received the set I ordered. I am very pleased with the service, communication and finished product.

    Due to Fatshark refusing to help those of us who are farsighted, I have made two sets out of glasses I purchased with a little success. (but way better than nothing ;-)

    These professionally made lenses work and I was able to pay using PayPal.

    Just thought I would share my experience,

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    I also have a new set of diopters from Jurgen. They work perfectly, and he was very helpful in the process.

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