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Thread: Custom Diopter Inserts How-To

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    I just jammed some old pair of lenses from my glasses under the eye cups. I use narrow-long frames, so they fit just right. Looks fine with video in, I haven't tried with OSD yet. I am nearsighted.

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    I wear glasses although not a strong prescription for near-sightedness (i.e. things far away are blurry but things close are clear). Are these diopter inserts for people like me or for people who use reading glasses/long-signted (i.e. things close are blurry)?

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    If you wear glasses to watch a TV across a room or need them to read text on the TV, you will want diopters for your goggles.

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    SO Cool to see someone (all of you) already did what I had in mind, for my first Goggles (DOM HD) -so can't wait to get them.

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    I did go with this one plastic. made a simple how to as well, enjoy

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    I have a need for reading glasses and also have astigmatism. Between the two issues I recently found how much help it is having prescription lenses for Fatshark goggles.

    Maybe I'm just lucky but I went to my optometrist and explained that I needed a prescription that would help me see at a distance of 2 meters he not only did that for me but pulled a set of uncut lenses from his in house stock then marked the center and level line. It cost me about $20 for the lenses then using the measurements Greg from FS supplied in the first post to this thread I was able to cut and install them with no real issue. Wow what a difference both my Dominator V2's and HD's greatly improved. I was shocked to see how much the blurry picture was due to my own eyes.

    A few things to keep in mind, ask your doctor for your PD measurement since that's the only way you will get the lenses in the correct position.

    I decided to use the slots already in the Video goggles that are intended for the FS diopter sets. Since most of us will have a prescription that ends up with a lens thicker than the slot it was necessary to router out the edge of the lens I cut so it would slide into the slot. Also consider that the mounting location is not adjustable so thats where you need to do a little math so that the center of the lens ends up where it's supposed to be. I was very fortunate that from the center off my nose it was exactly the same to the center of each eye but consider that too as you set up where to cut the outer edge of the lens.

    Here are a few pictures hopefully they help explain things better than my words.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by FatShark View Post
    I get numerous inquiries for alternative diopter values other than the standard -2, -4 and -6 that are sold as sets but they are not available.
    Many people have reported that it is very easy to make your own custom inserts and Gary Morris has kindly given me permission to post a link to his modifications:
    I've attached datasheets of the diopter inserts so you can read the actual dimensions for creating a form that will fit the headset slots.
    Please feel free to post photos and instructions of your own modifications for the benefit of others. Thanks.

    Note: never use CA anywhere near the lens optics
    Someone manufactures these for you, how difficult would it be to offer the usual -2, -4, -6 and in addition -3, -5, -7?
    Or rather than muddle your own work flow with this, connect the people making the default diopters to a store front for ordering custom diopters in the Fatshark format.
    While they may not get tons of business it seems like the profit margin alone would make it interesting for someone.

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    One other thing I came across are "stick on" lens, generally for dive mask and maybe going the wrong direction in prescription sense (not sure how "diopters" work)
    They seem to be +1 oriented, and seem to be for reading items rather than distance, but I thought I would toss it out and see if anyone has used something like this.

    If they were to work, simply cut to fit the existing Fatshark lens to upgrade it to your prescription.

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    Stick on lens are an interesting idea. There must be minus correction available, I have used them but didn't find them in a search.

    I also have stick on double vision lens (prisms), that help the fact that the PD (pupil-distance) is wrong for me. My doctor gave them to me to use if I am driving at night and my eyes get tired, I put them on an old pair of glasses.

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    There's these but it appears yopu have to go through your eye doctor to get them:

    My mother had something like these put on her glasses to up her prescription.

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