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    introducing: grit


    my name is Gerrit Hiddink (age 43) but that's the least interesting facts. My nickname is 'Grit' which is slightly more interesting, I'll be posting under this name.

    I started R/C when I was a little kid (14 or so) but forgot about it due to insufficient funds. After getting a paid job I first bought a Robbe Breeze sailplane for rubber launching, then an EasyStar. It was only when flying the EasyStar that I actually learned to fly (I am a convinced autodidact, so I don't go to clubs - I don't take advice easily especially if the guy giving the advice cannot explain *why* I need to do it as he says). This spring I bought an EasyCub, as next step. But in fact it is too easy so I have added ailerons and now need to get rid of the dihedral. I've also got a small scale J3Cub scratch-built, it's waiting for brushless parts arriving and then some good weather to maiden it.

    When seeing the FPV movies I immediately knew that this would be a nice challenge to add - I did full scale soaring for some years so I know how beautiful it is up there. So this summer I researched what I needed and bought the following setup:

    - Fatshark Dominator goggles + 5.8GHz module
    - ImmersionRC 600mW 5.8GHz vTX + vRX for groundstation
    - Nova OSD 1.1
    - DX201 security cam (with Pixim)
    - DVR dock for my Archos 605
    - stock antennas for now, I have no ambition yet to do long distance
    - but a cloverleaf plan has been printed out so I'll be doing RF origami soon

    My TX is an oldie, a Futaba F14 on 35MHz. Using Corona RP8D1 RX on most planes since they're synthesized, buillt-in fail safe, and cheap. I didn't buy 1.2G or 2.4G vTX gear since that will interfere with my future 2.4GHz TX.

    Currently flying this on the EasyCub, but I bought a barebones EasyStar which I will be using as main FPV vehicle. The old EasyStar carries too many scars from my learning curve. Currently waiting for the motor, then all I need is an intense weekend to bolt it all together.

    I don't get to fly as often as I want to, in the past 6 weeks no flying due to a bent shaft that needed replacement (Himax 2816). Took apart the 2816 entirely and rebuilt it, some threadlock had come loose due to the vibrations. But I fully enjoy fiddling with the mechanics and electronics as much as I do like flying, so no complaints here.

    Recently the subject matter of audio and video transmission has further grabbed my attention. I am a (wireless) communications systems architect by profession, I've worked for Agere Systems (formerly Lucent Technologies / AT&T) and Motorola, where I was involved in Medium Access protocols for 802.11 (WiFi) and LTE (what is now becoming popular as 4G). I've also worked on 802.16 (WiMAX) and know a bit about Bluetooth and Zigbee protocols. Currently I am working for ActiveVideo Networks, where we develop a software platform to stream interactive TV applications to the home - using H.264/MPEG4 and MPEG2 encoding. Here latency is quite important too, although FPV requires even lower latency for fast birds...

    I've been reading recent threads about transmitting digital video over the wireless link and I am sure that my knowledge of wireless protocols and video encoding can be of assistance. I am currently looking into audio modems for FPV because I want to have a ground station that at least displays the last known GPS position, preferably stores the flight trail altogether. Simplest way is to transmit on the audio channel, but the future of FPV will have digital video compression and transmission in store, that's for sure.

    So enough about me, now I will go on to explore this forum. Have fun and many safe landings.

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    Ah one more thing you might be interested in. I live in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

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    Welcome Grit !

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    Welcome to the Lab!
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