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Thread: GoPro vibration inside GoPro case

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    GoPro vibration inside GoPro case

    I had a TBS gopro box on my tricopter but in order to reduce vibration I had to use felt inside - and it made it EXTREMELY difficult getting the Gopro out - not a functional method.

    so i went back and put a piece of wood attached to the piece of wood that held the TBS Gopro box, inbetween this I sandwhiched a 1/2" piece of EPP down to 1/4" compressed.

    And just did a quick test flight and found the video shakey, but only shakey because it appears the Gopro is vibrating inside it's own case.

    Anyone confirmed this or ha ve a solution?

    Thinking of putting that felt inside the GP case now...
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    Have you tried strips of paper? Cut a sheet of paper into little strips and keep adding more until the rattle stops, but before it jams the GoPro in the case like the felt did.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    we pay 300 euros for the gopro with its accessories but after we put the gopro in a 3mm plywood box.. i like more my solution!
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    I use double sided velco (the thin/slim kind, not the thick/wide stuff), it doubles as a means of keeping the GoPro on the plane in high-G flying and helps with pulling the GoPro out. There's one velcro strap going under the GoPro, so pulling that makes the camera pop out of the box, much like a cell phone sleeve with a pull out tab, or the piece of red ribbon in your old radio's battery bay ...
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