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Thread: "Winged Planet" on Discovery Channel... Incredible aerial footage

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    "Winged Planet" on Discovery Channel... Incredible aerial footage

    I just stumbled over the Discovery show "Winged Planet". The quality of the aerial footage is unbelievable. The filmakers are flying along with birds, up close and even strap HD cams to large birds for "on board" footage. The show took 4 years to make and is using a custom built RC glider that looks like a vulture, Octocopters (Droidworx), Quads, Para-gliders, etc. Some shots are flown FPV, some LOS. The most amazing shots, to me, are when they are flying along in flocks of birds... up close, at speed, at hight, filming in perfectly steady 1080p -- stunning.

    Who has seen it and what do you think? Anyone have more details on how the various shots were accomplished?

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    video deos not display on your link. I saw some of it on another site though. I bet you you;d be doing jail time if you strapped a camera to a Bald Eagle like they did. hah
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