Hi guys, need some advice before I fry something.

I'm trying to make a quick release system for my twinstar pan tilt ( readymaderc) platform so I can easily swap out batteries.. I have two servos, my cam, and Vtx to run into the fuse.

I have some spare multiplex 6 pin plugs that I will use to reduce the amount of plugs to pull and mess about with.

Here is my question:

I want to fit two 5v servos and the 12v cam on one plug. This would mean running all grounds through the one pin on the plug. On the other side I want to run the grounds back to where they came from: servo to rx and cam to ezosd. as running back to the battery will be too difficult.

I think there might be an issue with running two different voltages through the same plug then trying to split them.

Does anyone think I can do it without frying my servos or EZOSD?


Thanks everyone