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Thread: Review of FPV-Japan DVR

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    Re: Review of FPV-Japan DVR

    Quote Originally Posted by FPV-JAPAN View Post
    There was/is a 3D graphics plugin that was developed in production ready beta for a platform called Lightwave3D. We all paid up and got our dongle (hardware key) and then posted lots of feedback to help the guy develop his product.
    And the result of 2 years of this open beta?
    The guy drops the product for our platform and releases it for another.
    I see no relevance to this analogy. You reference your experience with the beta stage of development of a product. Are you suggesting that you believe your paid customers are beta testing an unfinished product?

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    Review of FPV-Japan DVR

    I think he believes that his customers are an inconvenience.
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    The drama never ends.

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    It's actually quite entertaining.

    RMRC customers at their finest!

    Apologies to all 'normal people/normal RMRC customers' out there.

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    Closed for review.
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