Hi, I'm new in fpv and hungry for info about setup for my bixler.
I have fy30A in it, immersion 600mw tx, fatshark predator rtf kit. Multiplex Cockpit Sx 2.4 Ghz 7ch with M-Link. Sometimes I'm getting iterferences in distance of 150 meters when flying low..
My target is flying 2-3 km max but low and safe..
I'm thinking to get Dragon Link FHSS and DOSD+V2
What everything should I get to keep me happy for long time? How to connect
go pro 2, what cable will I need? what antennas for Fatshark and Immersion tx?
I'd like to fly without ground station when possible..
Maybe will be better get some 9ch Futaba instead of MPX..?

thanks for any suggestions!