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Thread: ezUHF: Help me stop frying Futaba radios

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    Wow..I just had the same issue and found this thread when I googled for a solution.

    Burnt my diode on my FUTABA 9C and and fried the trainer port supplied power of my Futaba 12FGH( PPM signal is still working)

    After much troubleshooting, I narrowed the problem to the supplied futaba trainer port to EZUHF TX cable. The Vbat and Ground pin was shorting.

    I managed to "fix" my 9C by shorting the connection where the diode was. As for the 12FGH, I think I need to send it in for repair.


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    Nice, glad the forum could help
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    Allot of people with fried Futaba radios due to the trainer port adapter.. Is the cable known defective where I should just toss it out?

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