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Thread: Open Source USB2ppm converter

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    Open Source USB2ppm converter

    So I worked on this project for a few years, but haven't touched it since. I've moved away from complicated electronics, and for FPV flying, a simple transmitter seems to be fine.

    However after watching some of the interesting fpv car racing videos where people are using the compufly with a steering wheel and pedals I figured people might be interested in my solution. It makes it so you don't have to use a computer to operate it, and technically you could implement force feedback. Its something I was planning on doing since buying my new FrSky modules, but haven't gotten around to it.

    Anyways, the code base is available through google code at. If anyone is interested in the project I'll be happy to help get you started.


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    That's great! I once thought that someone should do this, and now you have. You Should call it "SmartPropoMinus"

    It could be improved by forcing a standalone Attiny to connect directly to the steering wheel via a virtual USB port and generate PPM, without having to go through the arduino and the USB shield, no? Of course I have no idea how one would implement this, but it's an Idea...

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    Thank you,

    As far as being able to go directly from a microcontroller to ppm, its feasible, there are some chips out there that have usb host capability, but there isn't a huge difference in price when you add the arduino + shield vs the usb host capable microcontroller board. Another issue is that the program would have to be rewritten to support it.

    As far as the ATTiny, it only supports acting as a virtual usb peripheral device. USB host capabilities are much more complicated and the usb HID interpreter on its own wouldn't fit in the memory of an ATTiny chipset.

    I hope this helps someone, it was a fun project to do, and has a lot of capabilities.

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