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Thread: Skylark Dianmu OSD

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    Just wondering if anyone has had similar problems. I have the Dianmu installed in my plane and in manual mode i am having problems keeping the plane in the air. Seems to want to bank left at times and then right other times. I haven't tried attitude mode or RTH yet as im afraid of what might happen. I have calibrated the OSD several times and this does not seem to help. As soon as i bypass the OSD and hook my servos directly to the receiver the plane fly's great so i know its not an issue with my radio gear. Any help would be great, thanks.

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    Please try to keep the GPS/INS as level as possible.
    Skylark FPV Service Center

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    Quote Originally Posted by skylark View Post
    Please try to keep the GPS/INS as level as possible.
    Thank you. I will be sure to double check the GPS/INS. Now shouldn't that only effect the plane when in A1 mode?

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    My old Dianmu's been working well for over a year, however recently, out of the blue the altitude reading has decided to stop working. My altitude is stuck on 0 on the OSD. However, the Dianmu seems to know that its altitude is not 0 as it follows the SecureAlt value fine. Any ideas? Time for another replacement GPS?

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    Hmm I know what you mean , I am going through my 2nd DOSD and funny things happen.
    I totaled my plane took all electronics out double and triple checked that all is working left all the wireing virtually the same started building new plane (same model) putt all this shit inside and wham, DOSD went on vacations LOL, , send it for replacement, in the mean time I got new one, put it in and set it all up, disconnected to add better ESC and had everything ready to close the fuse and now I cant move any servo or access the menu.
    this is freaking 3rd week Im playing and trying and missing best flying weather in my area. REALLY PISSED OFF. :-(
    When it works its great but its like a mad woman very temperamental.

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    Hi Skylark Dianmu OSD, Everything is working properly apart from I think the GPS I am wondering whether I need satellite fix before the servos will work is that correct.

    Hi I tried the Skylark Dianmu OSD outside got six satellites still the (Servos does not respond.)

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