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    Good discussion on props.

    One of the useful tools I made years ago is a electric motor test stand. Useful in verifying the MotoCalc motor simulator results and evaluating motor and prop combos. It has a lever arrangement to hold the motor and transmit the thrust to a digital scale, a e-flight Wattmeter to record volts, amps and watt-hours and an optical tachometer to measure RPM.

    I note that there is some question on which HQ Prop (which I am impressed with) to use-- E-prop, Slo-Flyer or Multi-Rotor, so I need to do some testing. All of my HQ props are the Slo-Flyer type, which was recommended because a Quad is usually at or near a hover, but I can see that a MR prop could be optimized for a Quad (Doh!). I'll order some HQ E- and MR-props and see how they stack up. I'm starting work on a TBS Discovery FPV quad and need to evaluate Tiger-MT-class 2216 900kV motors proposed to be used.


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    Now I'm not an aviation expert but I wanted to understand why most multirotors are two-bladed. I know there is a thrust/efficiency trade-off when choosing three-bladed props over two-bladed but why stop there?

    What about 1-bladed props? What about 4-bladed props or beyond? Just wanted some more insight into the whole prop issue.

    Also, whats the best type of prop for a 250-class mini-quad? 2-bladed or 3-bladed?I've seen both configs being sold

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    There's a calculation out there but the gist is that it's most efficient when a blade cuts through unmoved air, as to have as little turbulence as possible. In theory, a perfect one blade prop should do the best job, but you'd need a counter weight to balance it out, and since that's less efficient, you use a second blade. If you're in need of space, you can opt for more blades at a penalty, also 3 blade props are a pain to balance and anything but the most premium are horrible at best. So basically, if you want a smaller footprint and you don't care about a small efficiency loss ajd vibrations, you can opt for 3 blades, else go for the master race and choose 2
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    Now that's a legit answer.

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    Sometimes you need Fast Shipping!!! 5x4 or 6x4 Props next day shipping, cant wait 3 days to a week for props, check out Free shipping for amazon prime with option of 1 day ship.

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    Don't see to many people talking about 13" blades so thought I posted some of my experience on these. I am running a 680 Hex with DJI E600's, they normally come with the 12" 4.2's, also from DJI but I needed a bit more power so wanted to go 13". Started with some CF's from Tarot and they needed slight balancing, downside on these was that they needed prop adapters to fit on the DJI motors and they were not too well balanced either and gave me lots of vibrations. Now the Inspire 1 came out and I have been using the 1345 blades from that one and they work a treat. I needed to balance 1 out of 6 and I really like the way the plastic blades handle when flying, seems to be a lot smoother than the CF blades, although maybe a little less responsive which I don't see as a big issue with a slow flyer.

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