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Thread: Experience with 2.4 ghz gear

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    Experience with 2.4 ghz gear

    I thought I start a thread about the 2,4ghz gear. Because here is mainly threads about 1.3ghz etc..

    First off I ordered the gear (2xSPW,1xhelical) 2 weeks ago, and they turned up 2day. That's awesome delivery time from Spain to Australia!! Usually it takes 2 weeks just from Asia...

    When I took it out of the box I thought if these aerials works half as good as they look, it'll be awesome... It's a piece of art!! The SPW just looks absolutely professional: very neat and perfect shaped! And the Helical is just gorgeous!! I think even my girlfriend likes the look of it, maybe for other reasons though
    I couldn't wait and installed one SPW on lm rx and the helical on lm rx (saw upgrade), I run both lm with oracle div. Just make sure for CP aerials to switch to low sensitivity . And even then the oracle goes nuts sometimes... The other SPW is now on my Z2. I also use a Cloverleaf (from Ibcrazy) on my TBS discovery.

    The results are very good. My Setup: lawmate 500mw on Channel 8 in low RF noise area. The Video starts to fade if I go past 4 km with the SPW, that's very good! With the Helical I get obviously more. The picture with the Helical is still good 5.5 km out, the picture starts to get a bit grainy. Didn't go any further but I'm sure it's capable of much more!! Will report in this thread after I've done some LR runs..

    I had a lm 1w with rubber duck and 14db patch and the picture with the patch started to get a bit grainy 7-9km out. So that's about right (lower tx power and lower gain rx aerial)... Have been out 13km with that...

    Apart from that I've been flying behind trees and objects and it's a huge improvement compared to LP aerials!! The static time is very short with cp aerials!

    One question I've got I read that the SPW are flexible. My one is stiff is there flexible ones as well? (would be great for my quad)

    and here some pics

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    Big thank you for your nice comments, glad you are enjoying them!

    Regarding the SPW24 flexible, it is a change we did just one week ago. First suggestion came from Sander, and we decided to test the flexible concept in the SPW58. Due to the good feedback, last week we changed also the SPW24.

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    I've just been out to test the 2.4 SPW antennas I recently got from CW. I only flew out to about 2000ft but the video quality has improved dramatically with zero interference, I would have flow further but the Bixlers stock motor started making odd noises and only managed to get her down again by the skin of my teeth.

    Bottom line is, the CW 2.4 SPW antennas have really improved things for me. I should also add that they were posted on Moday and arrived in UK on Thursday which is top stuff in my humble opinion.


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