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Thread: Eagle Eyes not receiving telemetry... any ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Papa_lazerous View Post
    For those interested here is the flight track over google earth. The link is to the file on my dropbox
    You have a nice place to fly. Kind of jealous. Thanks for sharing. What plane are you using?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EAGLETREE View Post
    Hi Derrick,

    The only EE incompatibility we are tracking is with the RC305, so I seriously doubt that you'll have an issue with any other 5.8GHz system. I hope we will be able to address the incompatibility in firmware.

    I have the same issue with the AOMWAY 5.8 GHz VTx/Rx! With a direct link from OSD to EE all is fine.

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    CZIESO, sorry to hear about your issue. I'm assuming your issue is with telemetry, and not diversity switching? If correct, does the telemetry light ever blink when the aomway is used?

    You might want to try updating your firmware to the "alpha" version here, but I'm not confident it will make a difference.

    I have no experience with the Aomway video link, unfortunately. Does the video image appear stable at range? Any chance you know somebody with another Aomway that could try his link? Anyone else using this link?

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    Thanks Eagletree for your reply. Yes, it's the telemetry problem I was referring to here. The telemetry LED is off when I use the AOMWAY VTx/Rx, even though the video image is looking good. There was some smearing of the text initially, but increasing the text black level improved that. When I bypass the VTx/Rx by feeding the video signal directly from the output of the OSD to the input of the EE, the telemetry LED is blinking nicely. I might try a different VTx/Rx combo.

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