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Thread: EZUHF transmitter problems?

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    EZUHF transmitter problems?

    TBS have reported having problems with there IMRC ezUHF transmitters (to the point they say of having had a few downed planes)
    Would like to ask if you know or are fixing these issues?
    They also sell a modified version with said improvements such as a fix for an apparent problem where the power is significantly reduced?
    Would like to know as I'm thinking of picking up the EzUHF
    A bit of topic but someone did say there were some (no details) problems with some of your gear
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    It wasnt a TX problem, it was a firmware issue that effected a very few LONG range fliers. And the TBS mod is to correct the voltage variation that the TX was never designed for, Futaba went to a 7.2v out on the trainer port and on the old TX's it was higher up to 12v, so at 7.2v the tx doesnt work at full power.

    If you do a little searching you will easily find many topics of what some of the issues are and then you will also note that support and Sanders tries to quickly address the issue.
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