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Thread: Problem binding EZ UHF Tx/8ch Rx on Futaba T18MZ RC transmitter.

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    Problem binding EZ UHF Tx/8ch Rx on Futaba T18MZ RC transmitter.

    I have been trying to bind my recently bought EZ UHF Tx/8ch Rx on Futaba T18MZ transmitter with no success. The firmware downloads have been performed and the binding procedure followed accurately.

    Has anyone successfully used the Futaba T18MZ transmitter with the EZ UHF Tx/8ch Rx, and if so, could you give me any advice on the setup of the Futaba T18MZ, as I feel this maybe where I am going wrong.

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    It probably has variable PPM timing which is not supported. You need to switch it to 8ch PPM mode, I'm sure there's such an option in the radio's menu.
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    Thankyou sassin for you advice. The T18MZ workings are not obvious yet to me, but what you say makes sence. There is nowhere in the Futaba T18MZ's menu that says "PPM" as a selection. My wireless head tracker required PPM for function through the Trainer Port, and this was achieved by selecting Teacher/Student Channel to 8Ch. I have left all as before, but still no successful bind.

    Thanks for help sassin, there must be a solution out there.


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    After a little thought from Sassin's reply I have managed to successfully bind my EZ UHF Tx/8ch Rx on Futaba T18MZ transmitter.
    I've not range tested the setup or flown with it but happy enough to have got this far. For anyone with a similar transmitter.......

    The Trainer Menu should show the following selections. ACT/INH................ON
    Finally the T18MZ runs on 7.4 volts, so the external power cord must be used with a 3cell LiPo to give 12volts which is the stated operating voltage for the EzUHF transmitter.

    If anyone has some more experience or refinement with the EZ UHF Tx/8ch Rx on Futaba T18MZ transmitter please post your advice on this thread. Many thanks.
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    You can add a separate 3s to the mix, but you don't have to. The ezuhf tx works perfectly on 2s (7.4v). If you're not doing long range stuff (which you shouldn't in the beginning ) you will be fine with the lower power the 2s provides.

    It saves some weight in your hands...

    Source: bottom of page 4, top of page 5 in the manual here: http://www.immersionrc.com/manuals/EzUHFManual.pdf

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    I have a spektrum dx8 which doesn't output power through the trainer port... I would love to be able to use just 1 small cable instead of the diy cable + 3s battery I have taped to the back of my tx now... it looks so unprofessional...

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    I have the same problem.
    IF i set the mz in 8 Chanel trainer mode the controlls works except the switch for the rate mode and ill need external power for the uhf tx. IF i set the mz in teacher mode, ill dont need ext power for the uhf tx. But the controllers and the switch does not work. And it sounds like the uhf is in bindning mode, it beeps...

    Ill hope someone can figure this out.


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    If its like my 12Z then it does not output ppm or show any settings for anything fm/ppm until you plug an FM module into it. (even from the trainer port)
    Once you do that you can select ppm/pcm/8 or more channels etc and save the model.
    Once you save the model you can remove the module and it stays in ppm mode until you change frequency to something else.
    Copy that models settings to another slot to give you a backup configuration if you have to borrow a module.
    You need the Newest EzUhf firmware in both TX and RX.
    Check in the Function menu on the TX to see what channel the switch is on and move it if needed.
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    where can I download the firmware 1.48 ezuhf rc 4 ch?
    thanks in advance

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