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Thread: EzUhf with pwm to ppm converter

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    EzUhf with pwm to ppm converter

    Hello, I am attempting to build a relay station using a Spektrum AR8000 rx and a pwm to ppm converter like this one http://www.foxtechfpv.com/rmilec-ppm...ter-p-403.html

    This way, I can leave my EzUhf tx attached to my geek-box and not have a trainer cord connected to my Spektrum tx.

    My EzUhf tx does not seem to like the ppm signal coming from this converter board. The EzUhf works properly when physically connected to my DX7s tx, but it only intermittently functions and glitches when getting the signal from the AR8000 rx and foxtech converter board. The AR8000/converter combo works awesome to send a ppm signal to the usb dongle for my Phoenix flight sim.

    By the way, my EzUhf system has firmware 1.25b. When I run the tool to within Immersion's software to "Characterize PPM" it shows the third number down (the first one it lists as being critical) as 20.02mS. It says it needs to be 20.5 or higher. The bottom number is 2 microseconds which is acceptable.

    Any advice to get this working would be appreciated.

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    Check this thread, specifically post #8: http://fpvlab.com/forums/showthread....ground+station

    It could be a similar issue with the specific PWM-PPM encoder you are using. Airborne and I did get it to work but we used a different PWM-PPM encoder in order to do so.
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    Does anyone know if the 8ch serializer that readymaderc sells for $49 will do the job?

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