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Thread: FinwingHobby Universeye Penguin Review/Build/Discussion Thread -

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flyswamper View Post
    I think I had some similar behavior a while ago. I initially setup my Penguin and flew it around quite a bit without ever seeing that. But then, maybe 2 years ago I took the Penguin with me on a trip to the Canadian Rockies. Once I got there and pulled the Penguin out I noticed that when I went to full throttle the ESC/motor was cutting out. It's been a couple of years and my memory of what diagnosing I did is kinda fuzzy, but I remember coming to the conclusion that it was just the ESC shutting down power due to high-amp-draw. My solution at the time was just to adjust my Taranis end-points for the channel that throttle is on so that I couldn't quite throttle it up as far as that. I'm pretty sure I haven't done anything else since that time and haven't noticed the behavior anymore.

    So... yeah.... as I recall, I did have the same behavior but the fix was pretty simple once I figured out what was going on.
    Ok. I thought about lowering the end points as well. I did order a 9x4.5 prop as opposed to the 9x6 prop that comes in the power package in an attempt to bring the amp draw down. What I'm amazed at is why this ESC (CC 50a) is in the power pack combo that is suggested by RMRC. In reality, according to the numbers I'm pushing this thing should have a 60 or even better a 70/75 amp ESC.

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    Yeah, you may be right. I built the Penguin pretty early in my R/C and fpv careeer so I guess I probably didn't even realize how to size an esc/motor/prop combo at that time and with my discovery of it on vacation I never really dug into it afterwards that much.

    In fairness, I've never really felt the need for drawing really high amps and power output for flying the Penguin. It really is a pretty "casual" flyer, at least the way I treat it. Other than a bit of intentional mild aerobatics just to see how it behaves, the most aggressive flying I've done with it is probably when I"m trying to film a flying-buddies Versawing as he is zipping around and turning like crazy. I never can keep up with him, but I usually try to get the Penguin "turning and burning" as much as I can to get a bit of chase footage. One of these day's my flying buddy will get a plane/setup with more range and maybe I can get some more sustained chase footage where he tracks a relatively smooth path through the sky (and my chasing ability has further improved).
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    Having added floats, I definitely use most of the available power on takeoff but have never had a cutout.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shifteer View Post
    Having added floats, I definitely use most of the available power on takeoff but have never had a cutout.
    Makes sense that you'd need some extra thrust.

    I'll be curious to see any pictures and more importantly, hear what you think about the Penguin on floats after you've had some time with it.

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    This thread needs a tickle. Here's some Penguin fun from October.

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    I haven't pulled the Penguin out of the quiver yet this year. Mine is still setup for night flying. I'm planning on taking the now venerable RVOSD out of it and upgrading to a Vector, and I have a spare horizontal stab I can install on it.

    Other than that at this point my Penguin probably has 100 flights on it, the foam is starting to get a bit soft.
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