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Thread: Future Hobbies now stocks the VAS specter!

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    Future Hobbies now stocks the VAS specter!

    Finally! The VAS Specter FPV plane is now available at Future Hobbies. Sorry it took so long to get it, but everything needs to be right in order for me to be happy. I now have it how I want it. This is the exact same as my personal airplane.

    Set up time on this plane is ~15 minutes including programming your radio. Seriously. 15 minutes from open box to goggles down FPV! It's even laminated for you for extra durability!

    This is a thrill seekers airplane. Designed for low altitude and stunts, it handles great at both low and high speed. The Specter takes a real pounding and the only way I could seem to break it was to ricochet it off of two metal poles at full throttle. It's kind of nice to have a plane that you can wreck it as a landing technique.

    You can buy the Specter here:,-fpv-plane

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    Are you employing any sort of HAM validation due to the 1280mhz video system? I'd hate to see any reprecussions coming back on you if any non-licensed pilots get themselves in trouble with it.

    I also noticed there's no mention on the product page that says you must hold a valid HAM license in the US to legally fly that airplane.
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