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Thread: Multirotor Endurance and setup...

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    Multirotor Endurance and setup...

    It seems that the biggest problem with multi-rotors is flight time... What are you flying and how long can it fly?

    1. Platform (Tri, Quad, Hex, Octo)
    2. AUW (ready to punch the throttle and take off)
    3. Motors (model and kv rating)
    4. Propellers being used (manufacturer, diameter, and pitch)
    4. Battery (manufacturer, capacity, and C rating)

    Post a pic or video too!

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    interesting, looking forward to some entries. i think hovering current would be a very interesting number regarding endurance. here's mine

    hobbyking q450 quad. auw: 1160 grams (with metal cased pixim). kd 20-22L motors, 920kv. 8x4.5 or 9x4.7 from hobbyking, labeled gemfan. currently 4500mah 30C zippy, or old rhino 5000mah 20C (both 3s). hobbyking blueseries/mystery 12A esc with simons firmware. hovering current 12-13 with 8x4.5, and around 1 amp more with 9x4.7. farthest distance flown 2.0km, used 1.5Ah for out and back, rc link is the limit. it flies around 10-15 minutes, never really measured it...

    video was made before i exchanged the gopro with a pixim, and 8x4.5 props, now 9x4.7 (because i ran out of 8x4.5 ones )
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    Mines a homemade 520 quad using ali angle iron.
    Gopro2 as flight cam 5.8 200mw TX with clover,Himodel 2212/13 1000kv motors with Hobbywing Funfly 25a escs.Naza controller.10-5 Graups.
    allup weight is 1600g with a 5300 3 cell lipo.Timer set for 12mins FPV.Hovers for 16mins.
    bit of video FPV
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    I have a 2.5-style Tricopter, it's pretty heavy at 1275g. That's because I'm keeping my GoPro sealed intact in the case, and my FPV cam is also in a case. Motors are Hextronik DT750's 750kv, props GWS 10x4.7 (tried 11x4.7's for easier lifting of the weight, but I wasn't happy with the balance). Batteries are Turnigy 2200 3S 25C.

    This is my first flying platform, and first FPV setup, so I started bare bones and added on little by little. As a plain Tricopter carrying a light recording camera and nothing else, she managed 12 minutes or so. Full loaded as she is now, hover time is somewhere between 8 and 9 minutes, but I set my timer for 6 minutes to have a bit of a safety margin.

    I'd be interested to know if people are taking bigger batteries up on Tricopters. I've tried 2 x 2200's in parallel, so I know it will lift it, I'm just not sure what the good sweet spot might be between size and weight

    Messy man-cave picture

    Latest flying (attempt)

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    DJI FlameWheel F550 hexa, LED lights all the way around, GoPro mounted on top, KDA 20-20L motors, Turnigy nano-tech 2200mAh 3S 25-50C, ~1710g flying weight: 6-1/2 minutes of non-aggressive flying.

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    CurryKitten: Is that Tri-copter the build? If so, what mods, if any, did you make to it?
    Airplanes LIKE to fly : Helicopters WANT to kill you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GLEvideo View Post
    CurryKitten: Is that Tri-copter the build? If so, what mods, if any, did you make to it?
    Yep. It's almost a straight copy, with dt750 motors, 18a plush ESCs, and gws 10x4.7 props, with a KK board. So the only thing I did is start weighing it down with more stuff. Fpv camera in case, GoPro 2, 5.8Ghz vtx, suppo osd, microphone and slight dodgy landing gear

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    My TBS Discovery is 1420g with GoPro.
    NTM prop drive 750kv motors
    Graupner E-Props 10"
    Nanotech 4s 3300mAh
    Hover endurance is 14min.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I was using a bunch of 2200 3s on my quad and then used the 3300 3s from RMRC and my flight times went from 4-6 mins to 8-10 mins and the flight performance was great still. I tried a 3s 5000 and it was too much it seemed to me and burned out around 7 minutes if I remember correctly. Motors were hot too.

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    1. quad HT FPV, Naza
    2. 1.6 Kg
    3. 1200kV NTM 2826, 25A Hexfet
    4. Gemfan 9x5
    5. nanotech 5000 3S
    with a 5.8 FPV system and 600TVL superhad cam and Replay 1080

    typical flying hard time is maybe 6 minutes. 9 minutes absolute limit

    damn these screws come loose fast! need to loctite the whole thing
    another friggin lawn dart. love it

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