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No, you need to rethink it. A chemical bond is what you want. If you have a mechanical bond, you are just relying on the physical presence of the glue in the little cracks and scratches to hold it together. A chemical bond changes the properties of the foam at the glue joint and literally fuses the parts together.

Regarding "washup" with CA, there is no such thing. One does not simply "wash" CA off anything, and water based glues like WBPU do not dissolve in water when they are cured. I think your Selleys rep is spending too much time reading the MSDS rather than actually building model aircraft with the stuff. :-)

Whatever you use, if it's not a known hobby product for the purpose, make sure you do a little test area first, just to make sure it will hold and set up as you want it too.

Hi subsonic I thought in a previous post you mentioned regular CA if in a pinch. Bunnings has heaps of different CA glues so in case I get it wrong ill keep searching for that uhu por you mentioned as reading the labels on these cans isn't helping much.
ill try a mitre 10 maybe they keep the uhu por.