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Thread: CompuFly USB to PPM converter

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    CompuFly USB to PPM converter

    Hello all,

    Im starting to build my first FPV setup, and I was wondering if someone can share their experience using the compufly usb to ppm converter. I must admit that it seem pretty neat to fly a RC place using a joystick or a saitek yoke.

    Thank you

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    Hello! Seems we have 2 things in common! Interest in joystick flying... And whidbey island duty station! (2004-2006) Haha.

    My first setup was compufly usb ppm converter, saitek x52 joystick, laptop, and such. I got it to work... Took some tweaking... but it was kind of a nightmare to be honest. I have a futaba9c and ezuhf now and love it.

    There are a few reasons I wouldn't recommend that setup. Fragile, tedious and bulky to set up. Melih from compufly was eager to recommend and sell me his product for 75 bucks, but strangely hard to reach once I had questions. His software sucks and really limits the functions you can fly with. It's open source written in a shitty language and he told me to figure it out and code it for my needs. F that, I paid for a working product. Shipping took a month also. Usb dongle hanging out the side if a laptop was just asking to be broken. I would seriously stay away from compufly, he doesn't deserve the business in my opinion.

    About the joystick flying, it was ok ... But currently there just aren't the features of a transmitter. And its not mobile either. It ended up just being a tedious stressful route to take. Get yourself a used tx like I did, and strap a non Chinese uhf system on it. You won't look back. Feel free to let me know if you need other advice! Thanks for your service.

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    If I were to use Compufly v2 who has the best programming software for it? I am building a ground rover and think it would be neat to use my Fanatec GT2 wheel, shifter, and pedals to control it. Does anyone have this working really well?

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    I dont know for you guys, but based on what ive herd I will wait to have a few hours of FPV time and then I will try to add some gadget to my setup

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    Yeah, that's good advice. I haven't even built my fpv machine. I'm a fan of racing simulation games, and the idea came to me to use the setup to control my rc truck. That's how I discovered the fpv community.

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