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Thread: New round trip world record 100/200 Km!!!

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    New round trip world record 100/200 Km!!!

    Hi everybody.
    At last my challenge for this year came true. I had planned this flight many times but the conditions never were as required. Two days ago everything worked flawlessly and the weather was special, thermals were amazing, sometimes the lift was almost 7 m/s.
    After a short motor launch (54 s.) inmediately I found a powerful lift that lead me to a convergence line of lifts topped by a long pop corn cumulus avenue.
    In 3 hours I was already crossing the 100 km milestone. I couldnīt believe it, the video quality was enough for a safe flight using the Heliaxial 12 and the RC link maintained 30-40% RSSI in the low output (0.5 W).
    The way home was hard until 77 km to go then I found a good lift that pushed the glider up to the cloudbase again and the wind veered to tail. That was time to relax and autopilot. In 5 hours total time I was landing at the base. I couldnīt believe it. The average speed was 40 Km/h, amazing if you think that the cruising speed for this glider is 50 Km/h. Almost all the flight was made with some tailwind component and taking advantage of magnificent thermal lifts.

    Here you are some tech information:

    Set Up:

    Glider: Fascination (Top Model CZ).
    LRS: Thomas Scherrer TSLRS (433 Mhz.)
    RC: Graupner MC-24
    Video Tx: 1.2 Ghz. 850 mW.
    Video Rx: Lawmate 1.2 Ghz.
    TSLRS antenna: Yagi 13 db.
    TSLRS plane antennas: 2 standard dipoles.
    Ground station video antenna: Heliaxial 11.5 dB. (Sircana thanks for such an outstanding work)
    Batteries: Lipo 16000 mAh. 3s
    Camera: DX 201 Pixim
    Ground station monitor: Tokai 13.3".
    Video reccorder: Archos 604.

    Total time: 04h58m.
    Motor time: 54 s. (hand launch to 150 m height).
    Batt consumption: 3280 mAh. (video, osd, gps, servos...).
    Max. Range: 100 Km.
    Max. Speed: 113 Km/h.
    Outbound time: 02h48m.
    Inbound time: 02h10m.
    Average Speed outbound leg: 34.7 km/h.
    Average Speed inbound leg: 45.5 Km/h.
    Average Speed: 40.5 Km/h.

    You can download here the KMZ file with the whole flight track:

    Here you are the 100 Km. turning point screenshot:

    And the maximums summary screen after landing:

    The full flight video is ready. It takes about 11 minutes so it is 32X compressed.

    Best Regards
    Roberto Montiel
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    Congrats Roberto, a true milestone indeed! You are now the true king of long range. Felicitaciones!
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    Awesome flight, congratulations. The first person to fly 100km will be remembered forever.


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    Completely blown away at the quality of the video at that range, a true master of the long range thermal soaring. Dam great accomplishment. What's next, you'd have to take into the account the curvature of the earth at the next longer distance.


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    Motor Time 54s :-)
    Fascinating - Congratulations

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    Congratulations Roberto, that is a truly amazing accomplishment!

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    Congratulations Roberto!
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    Absolutely fantastic - great achievement!


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    Unreal! What an outstanding accomplishment!

    What vtx antenna are you using on the plane?
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    i am speechless.
    this is amazing.
    just amazing.

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