Greetings,I have had my Vortex 250 Pro for sometime and it took the quarantine to get me to get it set up. Now I am far from being tech inclined, but I read the manual and watch several YouTube videos. I used a Frsky D4R II receiver and bound with my Taranis X9D plus without too much issue. Powered it up and ran the wizard and everything seemed right. I set the transmitter up following the manual and videos, but when I got to the part to use Clean Flight (CF) the issues started. Couldn't connect with the Vortex with CF, updated drivers I could see that it recognized the port, but no connection. Saw a video that suggested going to ImmersionRC (IRC) product page and download OSD update and RC Tools, update seem OK. Went back to CF and now it days it doesn't recognize the firmware, so I went to the firmware flasher and I chose (Naze) because that is what the manual shows as FC board (F3), flash seemed to go well, but the Vortex is beeping and the wizard says firmware error and to reflash, which I did. Now the Vortex just beeps I can't connect to CF and I can't run wizard again. I may have done a ton of wrong things, but I am trying to work this out. Can anyone give a poor old dude stuck in the house a bit of help to get me through this?Thanks in advance,DK