Hi guys, I need some help here please.

Every time I do a recording in the SD card with the Dominator V3 google the recorded AVI file (PICT0001.AVI) has sound but there is no image, the image looks like noise (some black and dark grey horizontal lines). size of the AVI file seems ok and I can play it in the google and with a computer.

While flying the image in the google is completely fine and it shows OSD data perfectly. The issue is only presented in the recorded AVI file where the sound is recorded but there is no image in there.

What I have done till now

- Checking the web, it is recommended to update the DVR Firmware and I did it successfully to V1.2a, but still I got the same result.
- I use a different SD card, it was format with the google with no problem, file was recorded but still I'm getting the same results.

Also, this is the first time I use my google (completely new). Till now I got time to play around with my quad thanks to the covid-19

Please advice.