I picked up a vortex 250 pro yesterday off Offerup. They guy said he doesn't know anything about them (never do) but there was a problem with the receiver. Took it home to look it over and yeah the receiver wire needed to be resoldered. OK fixed that receiver I think works now it lights up green and can tell if my remote is on or off. That's as fas as I can get with it though. I give it power and it starts to boot up and the led bar in the back does its thing. Mine has 2 rows of 6 led in the back. The first 4 lower lights will turn green then it gets to the fifth and sixth led, they come up red then the entire bar goes solid red and there is a blue led flashing inside the drone. I haven't hooked it up to the computer yet or opened it up. One of the motors however is seized up so I'm waiting on a new one. Any idea what I should look at? The receiver is a Frsky one, I'm going to change it out to a spektrum since that's what everything else I have uses. Nothing shows up on the fatshark goggles, and it will not arm. Does anyone have a link to a page that can show me what the led codes mean? Can't seem to find it and I don't see it in the manual.