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Thread: New products

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    Hello Everyone:

    I have a new 1200mW [5.8Ghz] transmitter and receiver set that is a HOT seller. You can see it here

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    We have a new transmitter & Receiver set that that is Future Hobbies and IBCrazy CO-Project. You can see it here

    The frequency is below 2.4Ghz so you out out of the way of the "dirty zone" that contaminates the air from WiFi Routers and such.

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    Hello everyone!!

    We now have offer a IBCrazy 5.8 Antenna Package. This includes (1) 5.8Ghz Helical antenna for the receiver + 1 (3) lobe transmitter antenna. You can see the product here.

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    We have a new Amazing, Killer Quad on the horizon. It will be water proof with a fully integrated camera turret. Stand by to stand by. More details coming soon.

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    Water proof quad?!! Thats what i've been waiting for, any news on a time frames roughly?

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    New products

    I'll have some crazy cool quads very soon. Stay tuned. You can email me and I will keep you poster.


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    hello everyone. If your looking to a good alternative to ImmersionRC you may like this option to the Duo5800. It's a fraction of the price. We have a few left in stock.
    Boscam 5.8Ghz Diversity Receiver

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    Hello everyone.

    We have a new FPV Video System we put together specifically with MultiRotor Pilots in mind. To see the product click HERE.

    Happy Hovering.

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    Thanks for starting this thread. I found a lot of links which are really useful and interesting. I just joined this site and I hope I will enjoy here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Future-Hobbies View Post
    Hello everyone.

    Ill be adding new IBCrazy Approved Systems to our Store. The first two will be 5.8GHz System. You can see the Maverick600 here.

    These are 100% Ready to Fly System.

    Thank you for your business and support.

    I'm new to this forum, nice to being a member one of your team. I'mglad, happy to participate and what you shared a link i'm getting 404 Error.

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