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Thread: So now that we're the biggest FPV forum ...

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    So now that we're the biggest FPV forum ...

    ... what else is there to accomplish?

    I've been checking the stats of this and some of the competing forums over the past few months. we pretty much have twice as many views/posts/threads per day as the RCGroups FPV section, we beat FPV-community by a factor of 4 normally and the spanish forum isn't even a competition. There's DIYDrones, but they don't really focus on FPV and their primary target group is the hobbyist UAV market (which I really dig, don't get me wrong!).

    So the question is: Now that we grew to the largest FPV community within just a few months, what else should we achieve?

    FPV is facing regulation and none of the "big guys" in the USA FPV scene are really taking any kind of responsibility for their position. They'd rather point fingers and find someone to blame for upcoming regulations, while ignoring the fact that the whole rest of the world already had BVLOS FPV regulated since multiple years. What we need is someone who can stand up for FPV in the USA. Is FPVLab such an organization? Could we become one?

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    I guess we need some kind of representation, meaning a lawyer or someone one with the know how, that is in the community? That is willing to back us. I mean we can all say this and that but if we don't say it the correct way it won't get very far.

    Good thing im a little guy. I mean in 3 years I just hooked up my first osd a month ago..

    I would be great to get the DIY Drones guys with us also, they do the same thing as us only alot more involved.
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    Think to do anything you should have a code of ethics aka "Rules" but not rules...just guidelines.

    ie, if someone from here was to go fly in the GC and hit someone the "Lab" could say "Hey, we advised you against hitting someone"... (EDIT: )

    If you have one rogue player (No I'm not referring to you ) - say they go fly over the whitehouse - now the news media hits and WE the collective group and spokespeople would say "Golly Beaver, what a dumb thing to do"...

    But, I don't ever want to see this get so big that it becomes like the NRA, the AMA, always compromising with the politicians instead of standing up for the rights they were built to ensure...

    Anytime an organization gets so large that it becomes it's own entity, it's time to replace it. I believe Thomas Jefferson said something along those lines a couple hundred years ago...and that applies to clubs.

    When the NRA sent me a cease and decist letter for hosting the "Highpower rules" online (15,000 hits a month in 1999) - I quit the NRA and quit competing, they ruined it for me. (and the rules are still there, YIKES! I have maintenance to do 2nite)..
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    We need a mission statement, that way the Lab is protected against idiocy. So if someone does crash through a bedroom window of a certain light color house, like scott said... we wouldn't even have to say anything. But that goes for the group going about things the correct way.

    Like for me I fly at an airport, have forever, but i follow the AC and notify the operator, he watches me... look out for a/c.. heck i get jumpy even if a plane is flying over at 3k ft, not to mention one time a "bleep" pilot didn't fly a pattern and just landed... i was flying a glow trainer at the time.. 'is that a plane, son of a...' ended up getting waayyyy off to the side out of his flight path in case he went around.. but hey it wasn't fpv so no harm no foul..

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    i say let em burn themselves focus on stuff that will take the site forward not what might happen and how to avoid the fallout (if it ever happens)

    if some idiot runs a plane into any building common sense would say to avoid then posts a video or boasts about it let them. pleny of idiots post videos of themselves going 150mph on public roads then get themselves arrested. great way to weed out the idiots of the world.

    the FPV world needs to take over the board/officers of the AMA.

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    Subscribed. Great topic.

    Of course - anything I can do for traction I'm in. I've always been all in w/ FPV since day one. We need to look at what's already available (i.e RCAPA, RPS Search) and see if we can leverage them - or at least get some direction. We prob also need to state our objectives here.

    I totally believe that we need to present ourselves as professionals if we want to be viewed that way by others.
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    Well Trappy,

    I know that US political issues aren't really your concern, insomuch as you live in (what, Switzerland now? I've lost track, you globe-trotter. ) But the US still has an outsized effect on the laws of other countries. FPVlabs should (I think) take the forefront in pushing for looser and more open and free laws surrounding hobby and commercial FPV, starting with the US as our laws are still in the fluid stage.

    Basically, become not just an Internet forum, but an advocacy group and political lobbying group in the US and around the world for ALL FPVers of all races and creeds. Not only would this lend legitimacy to the hobby of FPV and improve our public image, but would help FPV gain political clout enough to try to open the skies to FPVers everywhere.

    That's a lofty goal, to be sure. but one I believe is worth reaching for.

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    Just a thought, maybe the mods should combine this thread with the "my videos are now private" one, since that thread ended up talking about more what this one is aiming at.
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    Like I said, I'm totally in for throwing our "weight" into this. We just crossed 4mio views on YouTube, Vimeo is approaching 1mio and our website passed 1mio views (all in a pretty much 1-year-timeframe) so it's gotta be worth something. But like I also said, we need to be in the same boat. A lot of FPV shops deny having any connection to TBS. Ritewing, for example, links to some of our videos to sell our planes, but never mentions the name "Team BlackSheep" or mentions us as vendor of their products. I'm only naming CK here because we had talked about this previously and he knows what angle I'm coming from when I say this. There are other companies that are much, MUCH worse.

    If you want our contribution, you need to acknowledge who we are and what we are doing for your business. Among the ones first in line to benefit from a legitimization of FPV are the ones that are trying very hard not to be in any kind of connection with TBS. They are exceptions to the rule but too many to brush away. So if you want our help getting legit, best stop the hate. TBS is perfectly fine operating in the legal gray zone, we have a lot of practice and experience in that. Perhaps more than FPV itself by now
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    I am so glad you decided to use your powers for good and not evil!!

    I think the "influence" should be pushed at the media... the general public is told what to think by the TV, blogs, and some print.
    The charter of the site should be to make news doing good things and let the media help our cause.
    Most of the public only knows the word "drone" in a negative way. If people see, hear and read about the great things that can be done with our small, harmless, fun, toys ... people will except the idea that our hobby has much to offer humanity


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