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Thread: Transshipment from Hobby King

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    Angry Transshipment from Hobby King

    By now I ordered ten times from Hobby King. Sometime the delivery was fast, sometime very slow.

    Last time I ordered something was on the 30th April which was officially shipped on the 30th April. I used registered airmail with tracking.
    Only on the 11th May, 11 days after the parcel was officially shipped, did the online tracking status change to "Received from Customer".

    I would have thought when Hobby King shows a parcel as shipped that this parcel was actually transferred to the shipping company (in my case Singapore Post). But it seems this is not the case.

    I check with the Singapore Post and they sent me the following explanation: "Please be informed that as your item is a transshipment item in which SingPost act as a mediator therefore when your item was shipped out by Hobby King from Hong Kong then it was in-transit and finally your physical item was received by SingPost on 11 May 2016."

    This is no isolated case. A couple of weeks ago I had several orders from Hobby King. The first order did not show up in the tracking system for 20 days after Hobby King claimed they shipped it. Later I received all my orders, which I ordered within a period of 16 days, all on the same day. It seems Hobby King just waited for two weeks to pack several parcels together. But on their order page they claimed they shipped it weeks ago.
    For clarification: I received several parcels, not all in one box

    I guess there is nothing I or anybody in this forum can do about this because it is not illegal and they didn't promise a delivery within x days. But I think people should be aware of this procedure and know that when Hobby King claims something is shipped that doesn't actually mean much.

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    I've pretty much stopped buying from Hobby King because of the delays in shipping and the ridiculous shipping prices from international warehouse. I can't justify myself to pay 40$ for shipping of an item that Banggood sends for 4$...
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