Hi I recently bought a pair of FatShark HDO FPV glasses. Straight up I need to confess that I have no current interest in using these as racing goggles, as while the idea of racing drones is interesting to me, the primary function of my set-up is aerial photography. So for me the HDMI in function of these goggles is likely to prove the most useful to me, as in theory I can use it with my DGI Mavic Air (which I have also just recently bought.However I have had the somewhat rotten luck of not really knowing what I was doing and buying a Samsung tablet to go with my set-up that only has one USB=C out to facilitate connectivity.The obvious answer would of course be to use an adapter, but I have thought of this and I have tried several adapters. But each of them has one kind of problem or other. (For example in one case one of them kept connecting and disconnecting, while in another, the HDMI out worked, but the USB-C port on the adapter didn't, while on still another the reverse was the case.Given that I can't just go on endlessly buying adaptors and trying them until I find one that works, I was wondering if there was anyone here who might have encountered a similar limitation and who might be able to advise on an adapter that will work 100% in my set up?For the sake of retaining some degree of neatness, the adaptor needs to have a HDMI out and a USB-C out port too, since the only USB-C port on my tablet will be taken up by the adaptor.Can anyone please possibly advise?