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Thread: POSTING VIDEO: A Beginner's Guide to Building an FPV Quadcopter

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    I stumbled across this video whilst looking at multi-rotor videos on youtube. It was really nice to watch such an informative presentation, which still conveyed the sense of enjoyment that this kit can bring you.

    Looking forward to some future RFTC videos.

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    What a great video to have come across! Answered a lot of questions I had... so glad there are people like you who are willing to put in the work to help out us n00bs

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    Great video. very interesting introduction to fpv and quads. Great for me as a noob.

    I made my way to your Youtube channel and found this a bit more up to date version.

    Question. is that a Tupperware container used for the lid covering the electronics? very clever.
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    Thanks for sharing these videos gentlemen. Very informative.


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    Thanks for this!

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    Great video for a beginner like me.

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    Great vid. Have anymore that go into more detail about the various FPV systems?

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    Ok, I was bitten by the bug when I saw the hubsan 107c at $43 bucks, awesome fun flying around the field next to the house. I saw the 107D FPV for $160 and went for that too. Big mistake, not the smooth video signal I was hoping for. I have done all the mods and still it's crap with freezing images every flight. SO, I'm wanting to upgrade but can't afford to shell out the $500+ for one of those TeamBlackSheep fully assembled options so I'm wanting to start purchasing a few parts at time. I want a racer/aerobatic type set up. Can a 250 type set up carry extra cameras and transmitters? If so, let me start with what I have currently; a box full of old futaba attack 4 transmitter and receiver sets, a bunch of servos, and enough carbon fiber and kevlar cloth to make any size frame you may suggest. Now all I need is someone to tell me which type of flight controller will work with my receivers(GPS would be nice but not on the current budget), which ESCs will work with the flight controller, and which motors will work best with the ESCs? I build robots of all kinds so the assembly shouldn't be a problem. I'm just not up on all the new quadcopter electronics tech out now. Can I get the flight controller, ESCs, motors, and batteries for under $250? If so, send me those links please.

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    Thank you for the information

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