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Thread: Can't decide...

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    yer i decided what the hell just go for it and dont worry about the image at the mo, get something in the air then decide what next .ha ha whats that i hear lol cant say i didnt try lol .so out came the t28 out of its box for some modifaction to get it all with the image issue latter if its still an issue least then i can try different cameras in action if need be .okay sorry for all the greif somebodies got to keep you guys awake lol.since ive stopped thinking about picture qaulity some thing else has accured to me ,well two things ! first normaly flying toward yourself controls are reversed , but if your looking through the camera it will be / seem as if your flyiing away from yourself or as you would be in the plane from your veiwing perspective but in fact it will still be opersite ! is that right ?????
    so although your looking from the same veiw point you will still have to be opersite when toward yourself that is - would be weird .

    okay the other thought .distants or the lack of it with 5.8..... was dreaming about being up there and the veiw suddenly was gone shit im out of distance .why do we have a limitless gps system which is what satelite link up ? dont know havent got to that point yet thats next step if all is okay - OSD uses GPS ? satelite link up does this have limitations ?.im thinking not if its satelite link .but the image and sound is coming through this shitty limited system .why cant the gps system or the carrier also be used for the the video and sound with the same limits of gps .was just a thought

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    When your flying FPV "left is always left , and up is always up " from your goggles perspective.
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