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Thread: What else do you do besides FPV?

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    Instructor Pilot WildWill's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    Sequim, Washington
    I volunteer at the local fire dept, not sure if I'd call that a hobby but it sure eats into my hobby time.

    KF7TRU, youtube.com/user/wildwill1970/videos, Skywalker 1680mm, RMRC 400mW 1280mhz vTx, Dragonlink V1, MFD ATT, Crosshair GSA 1280mhz

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    FPV Addict Scotttu's Avatar
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    Dec 2011
    Silverdale, WA, USA
    That's a trick 73 Sentry!
    I've been restoring this car, I've owned it about 18 years, Like Sentry but only one other vehicle...
    Nothing stock in it, 55mpg (91 Jetta engine, 5 speed etc)...

    And of course WITH THE EXCEPTION of this last year being lied to to work Swing shift, I teach Shotokan Karate, I don't compete but I do enjoy teaching and working out..
    That's me in the center, left of center, blonde....the master on the far right.

    And lastly I make bamboo flutes. Mostly for Sensei's but occasionally someone will get one because I think they are good people....

    I burn the holes using heat, no drilling here..
    I can hold a tune and usually if someone sees me playing a flute at the dojo it means it's test day for someone..

    Oh yeah I like restoring old rifles too.
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    "Truly superior pilots are those who use their superior judgment to avoid those situations where they might have to use their superior skills"- Author unknown


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    Hickory Flat , Ga. ,USA
    I fly other los rc planes up to 30cc gassers.

    I also build AKs and enjoy all kinds of gun shooting. A couple that Ive cobbled....


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    aspen colorado
    i am way into 3d printers for the past few years.

    here is a tilt roll gimbal i made for a hexacopter. not perfect but it only cost about 3 dollars in plastic and some old servos i had laying around.

    a lightweight gopro exoskel case

    and a gopro faceguard so when i embed the gopro in the foam of a plane the front is protected.

    its really unlimited what you can create with a 3d printer, if you have one all the files for the things i have made are available to download for free so you can make them, modify them, improve on them mash them up etc..

    I also print out new printers with the printer. having a self replicating robot on my desk is so awesome.

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    Atlanta, GA
    Nice bikes guys. I rode sportbikes for a few years (Busa, stretch, 35 shot of gas) but I put bikes down when my daughter was born. I'll prob get a cruiser when she's older - but I figure I'll increase my life-expectancy by a few hours w/out the bike for now

    BlueChip - that sailing thing is awesome - I'd love to try that sometime. Very kool. I'm sure that you'll shoot circles around me. I only have Mossberg 500 Riot, Glock 23 and Glock 27 (baby)

    Quote Originally Posted by Vintabilly_NS View Post
    Nice car work Sentry with the turbos (LOVE the math), swaps and whatnots. Is that a B16 you swapped into that old 4-door gold-rimmed Honey? :P
    Here is the build on the Wagovan (i call it the FAGovan - LOL). Non-vtec B18A, punched out to 2liter (sleeved) and high compression. JDM B16 transmission (close-ratio gears) trans. The build on how this car came to life is right here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vintabilly_NS View Post
    Being a Dad! Awesome fun.
    I'm into old stuff that has soul. Analogue over digital for the most part. Free and hands on over new and shiny. I have two sons so new and shiny would be out anyway. :P Everything I have came to me broken and lifeless/apart.
    I am a dad as well. I have a 7 year old daughter. She knows that I have an adrenalin issue and am always doing different things.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vintabilly_NS View Post
    The low cost (free is possible) high value way of livin' is good for family and communities.
    I hope you don't mind if I steal that comment - more people should understand this. Clearly a shinny new Vette is within my means... but the wagon was $600. The 73' Civic was $300. The 68 Datsun 510 was $2000. I like to "drag them home" and then "drive them later" after pouring in some love and wrench time.

    Here is the buildup on the Civic.

    @ ROBERTO - you're an adrenali junky!!! Ha ha - kool.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Davidson View Post
    I have nothing exiting to write here I'm afraid... but I do love Sentry's '73 Civic !!
    I bet that you do.

    @ WilWIll --- my hat is off to you brother - fireman. Real hero!
    @ Scotttu --- I'll get some video up of me wrecking shop in the dojo --
    @ TMOPHOTO --- LOL @ printing out new printers... soooooo, if I send you a $100 bill could you......
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    "I Like Waffles" : FPVLab on Facebook and FPVLab on Twitter

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    Mar 2012
    aspen colorado
    here is a bunch of my photograhy

    http://500px.com/tmophoto (lightpainting images are usually put here)

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    Navigator Virgis21's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    Wow, famous tread. And we get to know each other more than just FPV pilot name


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    Mums the word... man2000me's Avatar
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    Apr 2011
    I'm a PIG, HOG, sailor (Nacra Cat), surfer, shooter, hunter, dad, 4x4 offroading camper.

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    No Artificial Sweeteners. kev.au's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    Down Under ⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩
    Sentry, how much you paying Denzel to drive that 90 Civic Wagovan?.
    Håvard Støre : Sir I humbly bow down to your balsa bashing abilities!!.
    chicken sashimi : my T-Shirts are all 100% guaranteed to get you laid.
    Roberto : you're a legend Kev.
    ssassen : I bow humbly before kev.au's greatness.
    Danub : Sir I humbly bow down to your tree bashing abilities!!.
    MonZon : Damn, Kev you are gooooood!.
    R. Montiel : For sure the limiting factor is the earth curvature

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    Selective Fading.. Vintabilly_NS's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    East Side-Kanada
    ^^^ This thread and it's people are amazing. Just look up!
    I can't even reply to everything individually! Links to read, pics to save....

    @kev.au Baha...too pretty!

    @tmophoto Wow to your pics. re:3d printing-> I enjoy my bottle opener but your gopro accessories are sweet!

    @Scottu Dude..nice car! I drive a Subaru (the Japanese VW :P) but that handmade flute is beauty.

    @Sentry My boys have inherited my adrenaline gene. The older 5 year old already wants to skydive with dad but I haven't since my army days. No need to steal, the truth should always be shared. Besides, when the zombies hit we'll need some good old fashioned community. PS-The fagovan went through AZ? Nice..looks like the set of "Cars". The old hotel "Hole n The Rock"...sexy.

    @WildWill AHA! Being a firefighter makes total sense now. I thought your fire experiences were probably well learned.
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