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Thread: What else do you do besides FPV?

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    What else do you do besides FPV?

    Your other hobbies or work you are doing beside FPV?
    I start this offtopic with my GoPro video at work. Seeding Malt Barley..:

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    I'm a car idiot. I literally do not know how many cars i have (i think 7 cars and 1 truck) - but maybe more. LOL.

    I love anything car related, especially drag-racing. I also am a pretty serious musician/vocalist.

    '73 Civic : Outside: Trust me --- she's a beast and a death-trap the 1st 80 - 100 feet with torque-steer and searching for traction. But once I find traction... you can kiss your ass goodbye.


    90 Civic Hatch : 414HP

    91 Civic Command Center

    90 Civic Wagovan : 4xx HP on the 200 shot of nitrous (line up with me if you wanna fill in those Xs... you'll be sorry).

    Don't let the outside fool you...

    On the dyno...

    My 93 Civic Hatch : RightHandDrive

    Crusin' to a meet...

    Hansel and Gretly

    I also have a 04 MINI Cooper (nitrous), 68 Datsun 510 (sr20DET swap and nitrous), 90 Mustang 5l (forged - 2 stages of nitrous), A truck (you guessed it - it's a runner even though it's my tow-rig - LOL).

    I also am a musician (i play drums, bass, guitar, and keys - also sing).

    Improv, then Star Spangled Banner

    Funky Groove

    * sigh *

    Aside from that - I'm a 2nd degree blackbelt although I haven't competed in 3 years. I reckon I could still kick somebodies ass if I needed to in a pinch though. LOL. There's a lot more to me that you guys don't know but I don't wanna turn this into the J'son show - haha.

    I live by a simple philosophy. "Find out what REALLY matters in life." If you really think about that, you'll find that you (we) spend lots of time pissed off or being concerned about things that really have no value in the end. Also - everyday you live you're close to the day that you die. LIVE!!!! There is a HUGE difference between "being alive" and living. Turn your ideas into ACTION. NOW. Do not wait. I've packed more in 33 years than some people pack in a lifetime.

    PS: Oh, I can eat the HELL out of some waffles too.
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    Great idea for a thread!

    As anyone could guess, I'm an engineer. However my specialty isn't small electronics and RF systems as many would expect (that's all self-taught stuff). My real profession is in power. Mobile substations to be precise. Imagine enough power to run a small city... now put it all on a single tractor-trailer. Yeah... Not easy by any stretch of the imagination.

    This One.jpg

    My other hobby is motorcycles. I like old ones. When I see an old 1960's Honda, I need a towel to catch the drool. I have 7 bikes ranging from a 1993 BMW to a 1965 Honda Super 90. All of them street legal except for a 1983 Honda SilverWing that I'm rebuilding for the second time because a friend of mine flipped it over an embankment. Every year I take a few friends for a cross-country motorcycle trip. I think this year we'll probably head up north rather than West for a change of pace. Venturing into Canada is a possibility we considered.
    My other hobby is rock climbing. I'm not great, but I enjoy it, so that's all that counts. My girlfriend is into it as well, so it's an odd hobby I can share with her. Actually, she has her motorcycle permit and has her own FPV plane too. She isn't coming on the motorcycle trip though. That's a guys only trip

    -AlexScope photos 071.jpgScope photos 033.jpg
    If it is broken, fix it. if it isn't broken, I'll soon fix that.

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    I forgot to write more about my other hobbies too not just work..
    Cioper ir Virgis.jpg

    And Airsoft:

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    Quote Originally Posted by SENTRY View Post
    WOW that '73 Civic is one sweet looking car. It's got some real style if you ask me. Dunno what happened to the later models that got all boxy looking. And the jam session in arizona is sick! I grew up listening to Jaco Pastorius as my dad lived and breathed him so the love of the bass guitar has stuck with me. I like your take on life, seems like your a doer not a talker. HAHA Just kiddin' I know you like to do alot of that also lol

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    Pistol and Rifle shooting. Pistol is mainly 9mm and .45ACP. Rifle is from a fairly well equiped S&W M&P15.

    I am (was before kids) a competitive offshore sailor - I raced Ultimate 50's and some custom deals - mostly distance races - somewhere in the 600 - 1000 mile range - 500 or so miles offshore. My dream is to compete on a leg of the Volvo World Race - but 2 kids keep me at home for now. I also ran 2 Olympic campaigns but couldn't get past Nationals in single handers.

    Fishing, boating, and all watersports.

    "He who turns himself into a beast gets rid of the pain of being a man. I became the God Damn Honey Badger." Visit me on YouTube "BlueChipFPV"

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    ^Nice car work Sentry with the turbos (LOVE the math), swaps and whatnots. Is that a B16 you swapped into that old 4-door gold-rimmed Honey? :P

    ^ I see a common theme forming. Nice bikes Alex.

    ^ Blue Chip: Come sail the colder big water up here. There's a nice protected deep water tie-up with a hot meal/bed waiting. Being a dad crimps things a bit huh? :P

    Being a Dad! Awesome fun.
    I'm into old stuff that has soul. Analogue over digital for the most part. Free and hands on over new and shiny. I have two sons so new and shiny would be out anyway. :P Everything I have came to me broken and lifeless/apart.

    Big Clear Sound - Fidelity OCD. I've built an analogue sound and lighting system that would make a nightclub blush. I'm into paper cones in wood boxes. Folded horns, tubes and Class-A amplifiers apply here *points to self* Every basement should have 18" stacks, flown arrays and DMX.

    Old Motorcycles - I've never owned a bike newer than 1978 and I've been riding the same bike for 17 years or so. Bikes and Horses go together so if you can dig that then you know where I'm coming from. I keep two daily rides ready to go, a 1977 Kawi KZ650 B1 and a one-owner 1974 Yamaha TX650. I'm building a trailer hitch for my KZ so I can drag my planes with me.

    oh yea, spinning tunes, local FM radio show, fishing, sewing, rejuvinating sulphated lead acid batteries for off-grid use, build foam machines, 4-leaf clovers, loving my dog, eating fire and juggling. The low cost (free is possible) high value way of livin' is good for family and communities. It keeps the neighborhood kid-brains growing and hungry.
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    wellllllllll. a bit of a long story... LOL.

    started out golfing @ the age of 12 and R/C @ the age of 14. Then I found out golfing wasnt cool, so I began surfing. Turned 18, by this age I was able to withdraw my savings acct... bought a hang glider... at the same time I was playing the keyboards professionally in a band. around 92 started mountain biking. in 93 my mother passed away in my home country ( Chile ) and that was an opportunity to start snowboarding, did it every 6 months with my wife... (I have to travel for that ). Around 98 I went on to windsurfing... by 2001 I started dirt bike riding. this was when my first boy was born and my rad sports passion kind of faded away... after that now I play tennis once in a while and fuss a lot with electronics. I am self employed mainly as a sales rep for a printing company. Sometimes I do special FX stuff for a big TV broadcaster here. now I really want to start kiteboarding and stand up paddle.
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    Cor blimey, guv'nor!
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    I have nothing exiting to write here I'm afraid... but I do love Sentry's '73 Civic !!

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    What do I do besides fpv? Well, I like making airplanes and building multirotors... Sometimes I even get to fly them. I also enjoy eating and sleeping.

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