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Thread: Hello From Tennessee!

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    Cool Hello From Tennessee!

    Morning All!
    I recently got my first PNP quad
    after several years of building/setting up/flying and crashing helis. I have to say I'm loving it! Compared to my helis it's so freakin stable and quiet, none of the bad tenancies of rc helis and the FC's have a huge range of adjustments and features that most heli FBL controllers don't have readily accessible (LED's for one). Funny thing is years ago I originally went to my LHS intending to get a quad but somehow ended up coming home with a RTF heli and looking back, my wife did say "No quads!" Since I travel full time for a living and most campgrounds I stay at usually don't have much room to fly my heli's the smaller, quieter well behaving quad will be nice. Now if I can just figure out how to get Smart Port working.....

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    Welcome to the Lab!!!
    [SIZE=3][B]I will be OUTSIDE, so if anyone looks for me, I will be OUTSTANDING!!!![/B][/SIZE]

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