Hi everyone,
I have been out of the hobby for almost 5 years but to life events (baby, house move ect ect) but a few months ago I fired up my old Disco. It didn't go to well so I decided to strip down and start again. Anyway, please to report that my new 'maiden' was great however I dis have one crash but I know why (stupid hills)

Anyway, I have upgraded my Disco to the CF folding arms and larger stand off's from HK and I can now fit a 4s 6600mah liop in it and get around 20 minutes hover time on my TBS 900kv V2 motors - huge increase over what i was getting back in 2014!

So the new CF folding arms allow me to run bigger props, upto 11". I have some graupner 11x5's here but snapped the prop adaptor off one of the motors when installing them so have some replacements en route from china. But I have been reading up and think I should be getting lower KV motors to go with the bigger props in an attempt to squeeze a few more minutes of flight time out of my lipo.

I am having a tough time in selecting new motors though. TBS no longer seem to stock the 750kv motors si I was looking at some sunnyky's 800kv 2216's. But then I read I should be getting 2820 size motors for the larger pops.

Can anyone help me by suggesting some motors that I should consider? Or should I just try the 11x5" props on my 900KV motors? Or indeed just stick to the 10x5" props I have on the 900kv's.