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Thread: Problems with OSD and RX

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    Problems with OSD and RX

    Hi guys,
    I’m very new in FPV things, only flew a dji F450 Flamewheel until now.
    Now I got a blade vortex 250 from my neighbor with the following problems. It only beeped and did nothing yesterday evening. He said one of the motors is broken, that seemed to cause the beeps. Second thing was, that he erased the fc. I could fix that after about 5 hours of reading in this forum and try and error.
    Yesterday in the evening I got all 4 motors running in the motortest with betaflight (chrome app). Today one of them is again not running and the copter is beeping again. I think I have to replace the motor, or do you have any other idea?
    At the moment I flashed Vortex_250_OSDv1.0.0.52 and BFv3.2.2
    Now to the main problems:
    1. I do only see a black screen on my eachine vr 007 goggle

    • I already changed the channels, resetted the wizard and so on. When I unplug the lipo of the copter there is “snow” on the screen, so the channel should be right I guess.
    • There is no camera connected at the moment, because the original one was broken. Can this cause the Problem, or should I see the wizard even without a connected cam

    2. I have a spectrum 2048 rx and a spectrum dx6i which I can bind to the receiver, but in betaflight there is no reaction when I move the sticks.
    • I guess I have to complete the wizard first, right? So problem no1 has to be fixed first.

    I hope you can help me with the problems. Please let me know, if I forgot relevant information.

    Best regards,

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    Have you tried connecting each motor/ESC to your throttle CH of your receiver and checking each motor is working correctly?
    Normally when a motor beeps it is because the ESC is not receiving a signal from the receiver. Check the solder joints on the ESC, and make sure the plug is all the way in.
    In regards to the osd, I think my old eagletree osd would only come on when there was a camera plugged in. Otherwise just a black screen, no snow.
    So wait till you get your camera before frekin out.
    Also don't test motors with props.
    Happy flying.

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