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Thread: TBS Evo / crossfire set - cam settings control?

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    TBS Evo / crossfire set - cam settings control?

    I currently just finished my new build and was trying to figure this one last bit out...

    Running tbs crossfire nanoRX with the tbs evo vtx and xrotor f4 FC, using tango controller

    How can I get control of the cam setting's via controller?
    I have controll of the vtx via controller so far but not sure how to do the cam if its possible.
    Thanks Everyone

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    I don't know if you've found a solution for yourself but in my preparation to use similar gear I went looking. I think the EVO and Unify Pro are similar with regards to hooking-up SA, I like the way they do it in the video bypassing the Flight Controller altogether. Anyway, CH3 is Rx receive, CH4 is Rx transmit (as confirmed by TBS Support themselves), hope this helps. Love this soldering technique, no touching the pads twice. Tin wires, (I'd add some flux to the pads), insert ends and fold somewhat, solder to pads, clip ends if any.

    Edit: Ok so last edit for me. I assumed I misunderstood Support over email. It's a channel mapping issue which makes it a lot easier in the end. Screenshot of schematic posted below the video. Hope this helps anyone looking for the info. Naturally your power setup/routing, controller, etc. will be different but hopefuly this clarifies the hardwiring in terms of SA and channel setup on CRSF?

    What do you do with CRSF TX1 from the EVO? I don't know and wish I did. Camera Audio/Control? if anyone can clarify I'm sure it wouldn't be just me who appreciates it.

    A Caveat: I haven't done this myself and am packed-up/between homes/without proper work area so if any of this is incorrect PLEASE add to this. Cheers

    DrainManFPV runs Lua script in Tx and proper channel mapping magically appears in the wash.

    P.S. RandomFPV in the 1st video above connects CH4 out to the wrong pinout on the receiver, just to avoid confusion if you watch it and in case you didn't read the comments.
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