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Thread: A noob asking for help :)

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    A noob asking for help :)

    Hello friends
    I need to setup a special fpv system that involves recording on both ends. I want to record directly from camera to an SD card and connect the receiver to my computer and record that too.I didn't setup any fpv systems so I don't really know what kind of components I need and how to connect them. I would be extremely happy if you guys can help me.
    Thanks you so much in advance! 😊

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    You can buy a camera like the runcam split. That is a fpv camera that records an hd video at the same time. If you get a pair of fpv googles with an included dvr you can record the video feed without any additional equipment.
    So basically you just need the camera with an video transmitter (the selection of components really depends on the type + size of the aircraft).
    Then you need googles with a receiver and your are good to go. The new Fatshark Attitude V5 have a dvr and receiver included but there are also other models that offer the same kind of features.

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    Thank you so much. I hope I can make it work

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