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Thread: TBS DISCOVERY - New quadrocopter frame

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    TBS DISCOVERY - New quadrocopter frame

    I am putting together this thread to present some information about one of the coolest projects I have had the privilege of working on for the past 18 months. We call it the TBS DISCOVERY. It's a very easy to build quadcopter, made for the demanding but sometimes also adrenaline driven FPV pilot. So we had to walk the thin line of making something that flies smooth, and something that flies fast. Something that's reasonably lightweight, but also durable. And it had to be affordable.

    The TBS Discovery is a project that has been developed with external help of two copter experts who may wish to present themselves to the Lab (or not ). Without their experience and determination we would not have been able to pull this off. Big respect!

    We are using the widely available DJI Flamewheel arms as basis to create a quadcopter of new, unparalleled crash-resistance. To make it easy to build, the bottom plate of the TBS DISCOVERY includes a power distribution board, a current sensor and a mounting-hub for the TBS CORE. Obviously, you will be able to order it pre-installed (optional). We have had beta testers who had this thing up in the air in 2 hours. Built in under 1 hour.

    I think now you want to see what it looks like

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    We have been collecting feedback from several testers over the past few weeks, just recently we have let some of our fans have a go and we are just putting their last thoughts back into

    TBS' very special friend Rensen has modded it to fit a Servo City DDT500 light duty tilt and is flying it just with a GoPro. Perfect for real estate and sports coverage.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Links on the TBS DISCOVERY
    As more and more people test this baby they are posting build threads and videos. This place will be a collection for these links:

    OpenPilot build thread by Juz:

    OpenPilot build thread by Enthlapy (Team White Llama):

    Our good friend Rensen taking for a ride:

    FPVLab's Ludovic flying it

    We're just collecting information as you can see things have been rather hectic around TBS headquarter Pre-order is expected to start in about 3 weeks. Final availability 2 weeks after. Looking forward to hear what you think!

    Build instructions:
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    on a vacation brosius85's Avatar
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    Yummy yummy you know what ... I might go for one of these

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    very very cool, been following the news over at the OP forums

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    Sweet! I want one of those too...

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    FPV - Fly Low airbagit13's Avatar
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    Nice man, looks solid.
    FPV is not a crime!

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    Addison, IL.

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    Very tempting, i have like 6 spare dji arms lol, and i complain about realestate for the gear on my 450... Consider one sold

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    I like the set up for the Go Pro here. It can be adjusted. How are these props working out?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    the graupner props are excellent for filming. very brittle though, nothing for weed-whacking

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    trappy, will you be offering this as an upgrade for existing flamewheel owners? if so i'm probably up for one.

    wish i'd known about this a week ago, just bought an ht-fpv to replace my flamewheel. :-/

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