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Thread: TBS DISCOVERY - New quadrocopter frame

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    Quote Originally Posted by lottomunch View Post
    Hello all,

    I'm 100% noob here and really interested in building my first FPV ship out of a F450. Would it be rude if I didn't read the entire thread? I'm wondering if I"d be a total looser if I just asked a few questions?

    Are there any combos out? I"ve looked around briefly and didn't see any.
    Or is there a list of components out there I need to purchase? Maybe a manual?

    I understand FPV is going to be a bumpy road but this thing is looking pretty well though out and maybe there's an FAQ or manual or something out there.

    Be nice if I'm being a lazy turd and need to get reading.
    Go to the very beginning and check out the build logs thats a good place to start..

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    You are a noob but weren't we all. But your question is not for this thread. I would check here first and be prepared for a lot of reading.

    You can also check you this here for more info:

    Have some fun!
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    build logs are your best bet to get started. we posted a selection on our website. also, we have a build video that will help you get started as well. once you went through those, come back here and tell us what you want to do and what gear you decided on. that's easier for us to start as basis to help you.

    Edit: just saw you want to get a F450 ... this thread here is about the DISCOVERY, which is a F450 FPV conversion.

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    Trappy, he can learn a lot from this group, as have I, even with a F450. I don't doubt that he will be back here with a Discovery before long.

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    I'm the noob, as you will see in this video

    Having issues with motor cutting randomly , more often motor 2/front right and weird thing is it can immediately take off again. Flies really well when it does. I can't pick on the problem yet but what's on my mind is to simply replace all electronics but the core and frame (which is now a piece of electronic too lol)

    Any pointers that will help me troubleshoot this is very welcomed. I'm using flashed F20a with a KK2LCD. NTM1200 with 8x4 on 3S3300. I did replace with new flashed escs, problem remains.

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    that right front motor is bad or you have a broken wire/cold solder

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadow102 View Post
    that right front motor is bad or you have a broken wire/cold solder
    It does it to any motor, exactly the same for any motor. the video however has more of the motor 2. I have already replaced esc for motor 2 as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by M'ck'y View Post
    I'm the noob, as you will see in this video

    Having issues with motor cutting randomly , more often motor 2/front right and weird thing is it can immediately take off again.
    I had the exact same equipment ntm1200kv motors and simonk esc (also tested with dji 30 amp esc) controlled by kk2 and it drove me nutzzzz. It's the motors. The only esc that I could get to run the motors consistently smooth was a castle 25 running very old firmware. Mine did same as yours it always drops the right front arm. While the ntm motors came highly recommended I strongly believe they changed something in the winding in the last few months and they are wound too aggressive for most esc. Change the motors and enjoy the frame it's awesome.


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    Trappy, i went back through the core setup menu, turned it all off then turned it all back on and now i get a random second voltage from time to time next to the pack voltage. I'd just go with it's the "other voltage" except it doesn't make since, it starts at 5v then slowly rises like a clock. seen it go to 6.8 sitting on the table not flying. If i reboot it goes away but twice out of 5 or so times it comes back on. What is that?

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    Just a quick update, I measured temperatures of all escs and motor , turns out the rear left was 10 deg more than all the rest. I replace that rear left esc, and tried again and temperatures were equal at about 30 degs all round motor and esc. I also updated the kk2 with the latest firmware released today. If I fly smooth, there are no motor cut (although I probably did not fly it long enough) but if I keep punching the throttle, there would be some sort of beep/cogging/ out of sync and it could be any random motor, sometimes even 2 motors would stop at once, and down goes the disco. My guess is that the escs cannot keep up with the board. I am tempted to try some flashed 30a next. I hope this will solve the issue.

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