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Thread: TBS DISCOVERY - New quadrocopter frame

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    Yeah your right wow that could have been bad too! I still have no flight controller so I'm not putting power on her yet no worries trappy thanks for the help

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    all is good. if you want to be REALLY sure, you take a multimeter and connect one side to the pins, and the other side to the pads next to the CORE. Find VTX_VIDEO, then find the yellow cable on the VTX, hold them there and check for continuity. Very effective way to double- and triple-check your wiring. I think I will do a video about this soon.

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    Just got The TBS Discovery with the TBS Core installed.. I thought I was a little more prepared for the build. I have a few questions..

    1. How are you guys hooking up the Current Sensor to the main battery connector and board??
    2. Where do you connect the wires for V+, Gnd, Sen that are on the CS?? I see the Core has the pins soldered to the lower board. Any pictures?
    3. Is the video/cam cable included with the TBS quad, sequenced different than on the board?? So, I have to swap wires around?? (I guess the cable is for Lawmate.)

    OK, enough questions for now..


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    1. just install the TBS CORE, that's all you need to do. the current sensor is already on the TBS DISCOVERY board.
    2. congratulations, you have a spare current sensor
    3. yes. the cable is for the lawmate video transmitter and the sequence is correct for that side of the TBS CORE. the sequence of the camera cable is - front to back in direction of flight: video, ground, V+, audio/GND. the new discovery boards that will be shipped with the next orders will have the pads sequenced the same as the connectors.

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    Wow very excited to see there is a current sensor on the frame already.The current sensor for my TBS ezosd was a pain to find a good spot for.How would I need to wire it to use the built in current sensor with the ezosd? Still working on tuning it seems very unstable right now compared to my F450.

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    that's not possible at this point I'm afraid, the EzOSD uses a proprietary current sensor which is not compatible with any other OSDs (and vice versa). Let us know your motor, prop and gain settings, I can get you started in the right direction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WiseDuck View Post
    Question is if flashed ESCs work with the NTM motors. Some say they don't work with the 1200kv version. The dimensions of mine are identical to the 1200kv motors, these just have a higher kv.
    I could not get the ntm 1200 kv motors to run clean on Simonk or DJI controllers either. The only esc that would run these motors was a castle 25 amp running old firmware.
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    One more question...

    What are the solder pads numbered TP7 and TP8 on the board?

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    haha. that's RiSCyD's way of messing with you guys it's just a + and - pass through from the battery.

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    Hi Wiseduck, I had two motors "stuttering" and found a simple cause: I accidentally used 10mm screws to fasten the motors. This didn't "feel" wrong when spinning the motors by hand - but it caused this problem. As soon as I changed back to the original 8mm long screws - it was fine!

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