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Thread: TBS DISCOVERY - New quadrocopter frame

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    nice vid bakchos! slappin' her around a bit

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    Public Service Announcement:

    According to my tests... 11" graupners have the same thrust as a 10" apc slowfly but slightly better efficiency. 9" graupner = 10" apc and so on. So yes, if you're using 1200kv motors and moving up from 8" apc to graupners, get 9" for the same thrust. For fast cross-country flight the graupners cut through the air nicer and are smooth at high speed... versus those paddles on the apc slowfly (or are they spoons? lol). They were fairly nicely balanced, just put a slight piece of tape on one of them.

    I still plan on using apc for 80% of my flying, including risky or proximity flying but I'll use graupners for important flights or to get good shots with the gopro.
    "You can't take the sky from me"

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    Just started my Build.

    One first question, that came up is, do I have to put the DJI Powermanager on the Frame, or is it just needed for programming purposes ? I havenīt seen this thing in any of the build logs mentioned above. And if i have to put it on the frame, where is the best possible location ?

    Thx in advance,


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    soundshock, the PMU goes to the rear-left arm below the ESC in my builds. I really like the location there as you can see the LED very well. You need to put it on the frame, obviously, as it supplies all electronics with power (including the receiver). also, if you're not using the stock DJI ESCs be sure to strip the BEC power wires coming from the ESCs going to the Naza (center pin, red cable).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trappy View Post
    check voltage and continuity on the pins. the quad has been crashed so it could be one connection that came loose. when you power up what kind of voltage do you get on the VTx port?
    I dont have a voltmeter with me. I have connected the camera directly to the video tx pins (ground,video) and power to camera power,its working fine.

    what are the best naza settings for the dji motors with 10 props?

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    Hi all, first post here - been busy reading through all the infos here. Great place to learn how an optimal setup has to look like.
    My build went quite well - besides a small mishap with the core (HQ: we have a core meltdown...). Guess I should stay away from electronics.
    Trappy: after I saw your build vid I'd like to call you "The Bob Ross of Soldering" :-))

    So, my buildlog isn't fully ready but I did a video today (just LOS flying and enjoying GPS Atti mode!).
    I also learned that you REALLY should dampen also the video TX - or else get white lines (see video at the end).
    And: yes I read your post Trappy (secretly we joked about rcschims earplug....) and what a smile I had after reading it :-)
    Can I add: "TBS approved solution" to my earplug dampening? ;-))

    I was quite happy with the vibration free vid I got today with stock DJI motors and Stock DJI 10x45 props!!!

    Build pics:

    Greetings, RCSchim

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    I'm not having much luck with the NTM motors I just installed. NTM Propdrive 2826 1350kv. They cog on 3S and 4S, even on high motor idle speed. I have to manually give three of them a push. On 4S two motors don't spool up to full speed, so I can't fly. There is PLENTY of power here, 50% throttle to hover with a 4000mah 3S Lipo. But they are still unusable in the current state. I'm putting the old motors back on for now, I need this quad for an event tomorrow. I'll test the NTM motors one by one later on. First impressions aren't very good, that's for sure.

    It's hard to tell, but the fault could be somewhere in the wires. These weren't long enough, so I made extension cords. So it's Motor -> Wire with male bullet -> female bullet -> Extension wire -> Male bullet -> Female bullet -> ESC. But on 3S I can give them a push, then fly and they fly fine from 0 to 100% throttle, they don't cog or anything. Bleh!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bakchos View Post
    Getting better with that thing

    3rd flight went well, no time for tuning, having too much fun !

    Nice video!
    Was that in manual mode?

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    rcschim, so what happened with the CORE? I had to laugh at your Bob Ross comment ... in TBS I'm the guy they laugh about his soldering skills let me know what happened to the CORE, we may be able to fix it oh, and you need to add "TBS Approved" to your mounting plate. You will see why in a few days

    WiseDuck, that's good info. What ESCs are you using? it could be the ESCs also having issues with the motors.

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    I'm using the DJI 30A Opto ESCs. Can't change any settings on these, so I'm not sure what to do. I'll check the wiring later on. I'll take another quad with me tomorrow I think.

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