i recxently got my Vortex 230 mojo iwith r-xsr receiver and my Frsky Taranis x7 working.
Now i wanted to set the arm switches for agro mode - but that didn't work out.

So i connected the Mojo to the PC. After installing all drivers i got connected to Betaflight and to vortex configuirator as well.

While trying to set the correct switches, i used reset Settings to restore settings to default. (Without doing a backup before)
Now the default is different to the setup i've got initially.

* The configuration set to 'zero' not to the starting configuration
* The FC doesn't get any signal from the transmitter
* The transmitter seems to be connected (but blue and green light are on)?

Is there any 'standard' Backup of the Betaflight settings for the Mojo?

Or could somebody show me his jsonfiles for the mojo?

Any help is appreciated.

Greetings from germany.